Where to find Zotero Connector for Safari 12 on Mac OS 10.14.6 Mojave?

I have Safari 12.1.2 installed on my MacBook Air, where can I get the compatible version of Zotero Connector to add it to Safari?

I am using Zotero Connector on my Mac desktop in Firefox 69.0. I was hoping not to have to add another browser to the MacBook Air.

I do need the two computers (MacBook Air and Mac desktop) to be able to add documents to and sync with Zotero.

I understand Zotero Connector does not exist for Safari 13, what about Safari 12?
  • You can't, currently, if you don't have installed, as explained on the support page linked from the download button. As it says, Safari 13 will discontinue legacy extensions altogether, but Apple already took down the Safari Extensions Gallery that allowed you to install the extension into Safari 12.
  • Click and drag of the button to Safari 12.1.2 toolbar does not appear to work.
  • I'm not sure what you're referring to. You can't currently install the Zotero Connector for Safari if you don't have it installed, no matter what Safari version you're using, but you don't do that by dragging anything anyway. (You drag the bookmarklet, and that definitely still works in general.)
  • I cannot get the bookmarklet installed in Safari 12.1.2 toolbar.
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