Export Zotero key with CSL style

Hello !
I use a personal CSL style to cite my references from Zotero. My problem is that I want to have the ID number of the book registered in Zotero (the Zotero "Key" like "664GYIB6") at the beginning of the citation, but I can't find a way to write it in my CSL style.
For the moment, I can export the Zotero key in a csv file with all the information of the book in different columns (key, item type, author, year, title...), but in this file I can't have a formated citation.
So is this possible to export the Zotero key with a CSL style ? Thanks !
  • I don't think you can call the Zotero ID with CSL.
    See here for the CSL<>Zotero mappings: https://aurimasv.github.io/z2csl/typeMap.xml
  • What exactly is your use case for exporting the item ID?
  • I work in a project and I need to give to my colleagues one unique file with : the Zotero ID (so they can go to the reference in our online group library) + the formated reference (so they can use it in a bibliography) + the tags (so they can look for keywords).
    I can have the formated references with the CSL style, or the Zotero ID + the tags with the csl export, but never everything in one file.
    If I can write the Zotero ID in the formated reference, it will be easy for me to merge the two lists in one table thanks to the ID.
  • @dstillman This sounds like a good use case for including the default Quick Copy reference in Reports that was discussed a while back
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