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Is it possible to add a journal on the online group library, we are having trouble using the group library with a large amount of people having to use desktop versions and thought the online version might be better but cant seem to figure out how to add a paper.

  • Using the online version is almost never better. What sort of issues are you encountering when using the Desktop version?

    The only way to add items to a group online is to manually add all information.
  • Hi

    Thanks for the reply, that's what I thought just wanted to confirm.

    We use the desktop version for a large group sharing and our problem is that since we hotdesk and move computers the database which is quite large downloads to each user profile on each PC, firstly this takes a long time to do so syncing takes ages and also fills up the storage on that PC. Therefore I was just investigating ways we could use it better and thought in certain cases online might work but if you cant add then it wont work for us.

    Ideally we just use the cloud storage but my understanding is that is not how Zotero is set up.

  • Setting file sync to "as needed" might help -- that does prevent all files from downloading and you only have the database, which can still be several hundred MB, but at least not many GB.
  • Hi

    Yes we are currently doing this, I think the way we have it working is the first time someone signs in it downloads everything, then at next login they purge the account and reset the preferences to sync as needed and then it works better. I will check with our IT if there is any reason we have to let the whole database download the first time as this is putting people off.
  • You can set it to sync files “as needed” before beginning to sync the first time. The whole list of items will sync (that won’t take too long and doesn’t take much space), but the attachment files (PDFs, etc.) won’t download until the user tries to open them.
  • Hi

    I was wondering how do we set preferences before the initial sync, we are trying to do this for the whole group and can only manage it when the user file has been created on first login, is there a way of setting the preferences online or anything?

  • No, sorry, "as needed" can only be set on each computer. But it can be configured as soon as you set up syncing on that computer, before the initial sync takes place. (It also might become the default in a future version.)
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