MacBook - Lack of formatting in bibliography and APA including retrieved dates for websites


When I insert my references, it no longer has the double spacing and indentations I am using 5.0.75 beta version

Also is there a way to take out the retrieved from dates when websites are added, APA 6 no longer requires it?
  • 1) How exactly are you inserting your references? If using the Word or LibreOffice plugin, try to change to a different style and back in the Document Preferences menu in the Zotero tab/toolbar.

    2) APA 6 requires retrieval dates for websites that might change frequently. Zotero applies that rule by showing retrieval dates for Webpage, Blog Post, and Forum Post items, but not for other item types. To remove retrieval dates, change the item to another type, such as Report or Magazine Article (which is likely more appropriate and specific that Web Page in any case).
  • Thank you! changing the style in word worked to get my formatting back.

    I have stuck with changing the webpage in bibliography editor for now.

    Thank you for the help!
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