Abbreviations in Subsequent References to Legislation in Oscola

Suppose I cite the Consumer Rights Act 2015, and thereafter want subsequent citations to refer to it simply as CRA. How do I get Zotero to do that?
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    Enter the short form of the title in the "Short Title" field in Zotero.
  • I did that, it didn't work.
  • That is the way to do it. Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing when you expect the short title to be shown, upload it to an image hosting site (Imgur, Dropbox, etc.), and post a link here?
  • If I make the item a statute, subsequent references will list the short title, but not list the footnote number where it was cited earlier.

    If I make the item a bill, it shows the previous footnote number, but won't display the short title.
  • It should definitely be a statute -- my recollection was that OSCOLA doesn't want supra numbers for cases and legislations. Are you sure that's required?
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