Importing tags from online resource


I added a paper manually to my library and assigned a couple of tags the corresponding item.

Next I visited the editors website, and I noticed that when I import the same paper (using the firefox add-on), it comes as a separated entry in my library, and, most importantly, comes with a set of new tags.

I would like to have those tags added on the manually entered item tag list.

I am able to do this by hand (merging the two entries, choosing the manually entered as the master, then delete the downloaded pdf's in the entry). This is however a lengthy process.

Question: it there a way to do this faster?

I was looking for something like a button "get tags online" or something similar.

Thanks for your help
  • No, currently what you're doing is the fastest option. There are general plans to allow updating item information automatically, though I'm not sure that'll include tags -- there are some technical reasons no to.
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