Have 2 Zotero Accounts, Neither one allowing me to login, sync or export?

I have 2 accounts on Zotero. One under michaelgh, the other under michaelgeorge1. Neither account is letting me login. I keep getting the prompt invalid log in or login in use. I want to merge both accounts and then sync. I need to speak wit ha support person on the phone? I ave spent 10 hours minimum trying to troubleshoot. Either zotero staff merge & sync the accounts for me or I need to speak to a live support person? If I cant speak with a live person I will have to find another database? I cant do this on my own.
  • Have you tried to reset your password for either account?
  • Of course!! What I need are specific instructions on how to merge/ sync both databases into one without losing over 400 reference articles.
  • And what's stopping you from resetting the passwords? And you're posting here, so you're already logged into one account. What exactly is the problem?
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    Basically, you're asking two separate, unrelated questions. One is how to log into an account that you've lost the password for. The other is how to merge data between accounts. Those don't really have anything to do with one another.

    If your question is actually about merging data, then you'll need to export from one account to the other via Zotero RDF, which will reset Date Added values and break any citation links in documents, so if you really wanted to merge accounts — which, to be clear, would be a situation you created — then you'd need to export from the account with data where those limitations would be less of a problem. Depending on which account you choose to keep, we can transfer your storage subscription as necessary.

    (Also, please tone it down a bit. This is where you get support for Zotero, we're quite happy to provide that help, and no one asked you to spend "10 hours" trying to troubleshoot something on your own. So please just calmly explain the situation you're in and we'll take it from there. See How Zotero Support Works and Etiquette for more info.)
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