how to find a journal to submit a paper?

Dose Zotero has the function to find out the journals for people to submit a paper?
As I know, Endnote has the function when we provide our potential title and abstract.
Dose Zotero has this function ?

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    Zotero doesn't offer this service. I hope that it never does.

    I don't recommend this automatic selection. My advice is to talk with a trusted colleague (or even someone you are vaguely aquatinted with). When submitting a manuscript you want a journal that matches your topic, the rigor of your research, and somewhere that will helpfully provide useful peer review. You want to avoid predatory journal publishers. If this is your first submission and you are a student it would likely be a serious political error if you do not work with a faculty member (who is likely to provide useful advice about the content and target). This faculty member is likely to "request" co-authorship to acknowledge their contribution. Their partnership and name will lend you some of their valuable credibility and you will almost certainly learn to improve your writing and research skills.

    There are online utilities that will help with suggestions:
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