Saving article to group library instead of my library with chrome extension

Is there a way to save articles to group library instead of my library with chrome extension? Or is there a way to move a saved article in my library to group library?
  • With Zotero installed, you have the option to choose the library & collection you save into from the Chrome connector, yes (it defaults to the currently selected one in the app)
  • Can you please clarify? I have the same question. Where do you change the default setting? I cannot see any preference for this on the web version.
  • It's not a setting. Just click the down arrow in the save popup to expand it and select any collection or group. You can also select recent locations right from the drop-down, before expanding the popup.
  • @david.burden: To be clear, this isn't the "web version" — this is the Zotero Connector. You want to be using the Zotero Connector in your browser along with the separate Zotero program.
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