bug? Unable to save pdf's to zotero online

Im using Zotero connector for chrome.

It seems to be trying to use the correct translator, the icon shows as a pdf. When I click the button, it first warns me that it wont be able to save to Zotero because Zotero isn't open. So far, all as expected. Next it then says that its saving to Zotero.org, but then the pdf never actually finishes saving, and the pop up disappears.

saving webpages to zotero.org seems to work fine, its just Pdf's that fail.

debug Id: d1828286322
report id: 740551611

I also tried installing the connector into firefox, to see whether it was just a problem with chrome. In firefox, it doesn't give such a clear message about whether it is trying to save to Zotero local, or trying to save to zotero.org. In any case, it doesn't work when saving pdfs, the icon turns into a red cross and nothing saves to my online library.
  • If this is an access-restricted PDF (e.g. paywalled by a publisher and you have access via proxy or IP) this would be expected behavior. Any reason you don't want to install Zotero? Saving more generally works better with the local tool installed.
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    I'm not trying to save a pdf that is behind a paywall. For example, it fails with this pdf, which is publicy available. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5515d9f9e4b04d5c3198b7bb/t/552d37bbe4b07a7dd69fcdbb/1429026747046/An+Ecomodernist+Manifesto.pdf

    I don't want to setup Zotero on this PC, because it is not mine. I just want to quickly be able to save a pdf to my online library.
  • For technical reasons, you need Zotero open to save a PDF directly. As an alternative, you can save the PDF to disk, open the web library, create a parent item, and upload the PDF.

    In an upcoming overhaul of the web library, it'll be quicker to add a standalone PDF, and it may be possible to paste in a PDF URL in a future version of the save page (but right now that won't work).

    It would be nice to be able to upload standalone PDFs to the web library directly from the connector, but the extension frameworks are more restrictive on PDF URLs (hence, for example, that different behavior in Firefox), so I don't recall off-hand if it's even possible.
  • Ah ok, thanks dstillman, mystery solved.

    It would be nice if the UI gave some indication of that fact.

    For now I suppose I will have to go with the temporary-download-to-disk option.
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