Moving from iCloud to Local Storage

Hello there,

I've been using Zotero successfully for awhile now, and I love it! I just got a separate work computer and have been working on getting my full-text files to sync. In the process of figuring that out, I realized that I (stupidly) have been storing my Zotero files in an iCloud drive (e.g. within my Documents folder) rather than locally. I'm still working on trying to get all the files synced to my work computer.

What's the best way to get my storage folder onto a local drive, without messing up the in-process syncing between my two computers? I've purchased a large enough data plan with Zotero to support all the files, but I don't want to change the Zotero setting to have storage in the default folder and, in so doing, break all my existing links to files (esp. the ones I've been, slowly, working on syncing across computers). I have > 6 GB of PDFs, so it's not trivial if the links break!

Thank you!
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    Just close Zotero and move your data directory back to the default location of /Users/:username/Zotero. When you restart Zotero, it will notice that the directory is missing and ask if you want to pick another location or use the default.
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