Locating pdf files - icon but no file

I have to wipe my OS which means reinstalling Zotero and checking everything is synced online beforehand.
In my library folders when I click on some PDFs the open (thankfully) but others don’t - they appear the same to me except the little blue circle is hollow.
When I log in through the bowser the PDF icons are also there suggesting there’s a file attached when apparently there isn’t.
Where are these files? How can I get them to reattach so that I can sync the library before reinstalling?
I look forward to your help thanks.
  • edited September 9, 2019
    See Files Not Syncing. If the files aren't available online, they exist on the computer where they were originally created and weren't synced.

    On the computer where they were created, there's no way for files to go missing while the attachment items still exist unless your Zotero data directory was changed or the files were deleted outside of Zotero.
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