Speed up duplicate deletion

I have a library with about 18,000 records, many of which are duplicates that I need to merge.

After each attempt to merge some duplicate records Zotero stops responding for about 20-30 seconds, before allowing me to move onto the next lot of duplicates. Is there any way to avoid this problem or try to make the time lag shorter?
  • One option would be just deleting one of the duplicates.
    The advantage to merging is that it will remain backwards compatible with any times you have cited either version in any papers. But if you are confident you haven't cited these (e.g., you just imported them all for the first time) then you could skip that. But if you might have cited them, you'll need to decide if it's a better use of your time to merge all of them, or to just delete one and then need to potentially identify a missing citation if you need to update an existing document.
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