Zotero not importing (correctly) from http://curia.europa.eu

Pretty essential for me as a law student to be able to access http://curia.europa.eu.

From other sources like cambridge.org, Pubmed, Amazon or WoltersKluwer it imports fine.

But when I import from http://curia.europa.eu it either does nothing, or it downloads the page with no metadata

Tried Safari, Chrome and Firefox, all have difficulty.
With a PDF it will only download the PDF, with a curia webpage it will only download the snapshot, but no data is presented, only a generic Curia page name: Curia - Documents

From eur-lex.europa.eu when in normal format it will not get data, but in HTML it will get some data.

All in all very confusing and frustrating.
Zotera 5.0.75-beta.1+8f00fa260
Booklet marklet for safari and the plugins for Chrome/Firefox

What could be the solution for this?
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