Adding a quotation cited in a book

Does anyone know how to add a quotation cited in a book to Zotero? For example, if I want the in-text citation to appear as (Dr DB Simmons, 1880; cited in Cosgrove 1909), how should I input the citation in Zotero?
  • Use the prefix (or suffix) fields to add additional information as needed.

    If "Dr DB Simmons, 1880" is part of your library, add that first, then in the same cite also add Cosgrove 1909 with the prefix "cited in". If "Simmons" is NOT an entry in your library, then add everything as a prefix to Cosgrove.
  • Thank you! I am not seeing the prefix field--do you know how to add that?
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    When the insert citation bar pops up in Word, pick your reference (do not yet insert it), then click on it to see additional options.
  • Oh perfect, that worked. Thanks so much!
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