Automation of tagging and classifying in Zotero

I have not found anything yet in the discussion forum so I want to ask if anyone is aware of a program or method (other than doing this all manually), that can take references from Medline or PubMed (or a download from there) and organize the references to fit the folder structure of a particular Zotero library. I would also like to automate tagging as well. I know all of this is reaching far, but I imagine that machine learning could do content analysis of abstracts and keywords and then tag and classify into the folder structure. It seems that this would involve multiple stages of processing from identifying, sorting, tagging/labeling, and finally importing to Zotero – automation at any of these steps would be tremendously helpful to know about, if such processes exist - there are about 56k papers in PubMed on the topic to be classified, so thanks in advance for any input!

If interested to look or join the group, this is for a pilot project with a public group library of mine (BIOME-z Biopsychosocial Index of Microbiome Ecologies) . The library is intended to encourage understanding of the microbiome as multidisciplinary, and to support multidisciplinary research accordingly.
  • Nothing automated, no, but you're aware that Zotero automatically downloads PubMed MeSH terms as tags?
  • Thank you. Yes, those tags help some, however they often don't capture the full reach of the articles. I'm thinking, rather than full automation, perhaps if I uploaded the 56k references and abstracts into a Zotero library, there's an optimal way to export to a csv file or similar from that library so that I could see abstracts and manually add tags in perhaps a more efficient way than point-n-click; then upload back into Zotero where I could manually drag references into their respective folders. Thoughts along these lines would be welcome also.
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