Searching keywords in Extra

My searches on Zotero desktop are not finding keywords located in the Extra box. I've searched Full Text with no luck, and I don't see any other way to search. Any ideas for solutions?
  • Searching using "All Fields and Tags" in the quick search box (by clicking on the small triangle/arrow at its left) will find words in Extra
  • In the quick search box, set it to “All Fields and Tags” or “Everything” using the drop down arrow on the left side.

    In the Advanced Search window, search in the “Extra” field. “Full Text” refers to the text of PDF attachments.
  • The search box has two options:

    Title, Creator, Year
    Full Text

    Searching Full Text doesn't capture the keywords I'm looking for.
  • In looking in the forums, some images show a different search box than what I see. There's also a magnifying glass symbol indicating a search, which I don't see on the desktop version.
  • It sounds like you're looking on the website, where what you're trying to do isn't possible.
    You need to download (, install, run, and sync Zotero to take advantage of most of its features
    (I understand that you say you're using the Desktop version, but what you describe definitely isn't it).
  • That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for your help.
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