Item Type--save malfunction

Lately when I try to save an item as "journal" all that appears is the spinning wheel that goes nowhere. When I save the exact same citation as a "magazine article" it saves no problem. Is anyone else having this issue? I can't keep saving items as the wrong type and hoping I'll remember to change it in later editing.
  • Where and how exactly are you saving?
  • When I am in my library and hit the + to add a new item, if I select the item type "journal article," fill out the fields, and hit "save" the spinning wheel pops up and does not go away. If I navigate away from the page the item does not show up as saved in my library.
  • While this should certainly work, it sounds like you're using the online library. The online library is being replaced in the near future, but for any real work, you want to be using the actual Zotero software on your computer anyway.

    (You should also very rarely need to enter things by hand. See Adding Items to Zotero. As it is, you're barely using what's generally considered "Zotero".)
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