Error while opening Zotero on a new compter

I have recently moved to a new computer, on which my zotero database is being downloaded (it's about 30 Go, so it takes time; it's through Data File Stream that sync with my google cloud).
While nevertheless trying to open zotero, I have the following error:

Une erreur s'est produite lors du démarrage de Zotero.

Error: Error(s) encountered during statement execution: database disk image is malformed [QUERY: SELECT L.libraryID, L.type AS _libraryType, L.editable AS _libraryEditable, L.filesEditable AS _libraryFilesEditable, L.version AS _libraryVersion, L.storageVersion AS _libraryStorageVersion, L.lastSync AS _libraryLastSync, L.archived AS _libraryArchived, (SELECT COUNT(*)>0 FROM collections C WHERE C.libraryID=L.libraryID) AS hasCollections, (SELECT COUNT(*)>0 FROM savedSearches S WHERE S.libraryID=L.libraryID) AS hasSearches FROM libraries L WHERE type NOT IN (?,?)] [PARAMS: feed, group] [ERROR: database disk image is malformed]
From previous event:

SHould I wait for the downloading is finished (days ahead...) or is it any else?
Thank you
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    You should not place your Zotero database in Google Drive. That will lead to corruption like you are experiencing.

    To sync your database across computers, use Zotero sync ( You can sync your attachment files either using Zotero’s sync system. You can use Google Drive to sync attachment files with the Zotfile plugin. See
  • thanks for your answer but the pb that I had to move to a new computer. So what do you suggest? Do you suggest to copy the old base to a HD, then copy it on the new computer? It's 30 Go big so it'll take days if not weeks...
    Because it is so big, I have stop uploading the PDF and other files to a zotero storage for years. If I install the sync process you recommend on the old computer to export the base, how long do you think it will take?
  • when you speak about corruption, it's about all the storage or only the sqlite file and other database managements, which are very easy to move?
  • Corruption only refers to placing the sqlite in a syncing folder like Google drive. The storage folder itself is mostly unproblematic to sync with external tools (mostly because it's possible you'd get sync conflicts for individual files, but those aren't a big issue and don't corrupt anything).
  • OK I understand better and I'll treat both types of file separately. I'll keep you updated in case of persisting trouble. Thank you. This is a great software.
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