Is having everything in the cloud possible?


I'm not super tech savy but Zotero files are taking up a lot of my storage on my computer and I was wondering if there was a way to just have all of Zotero in the cloud versus having the files on my computer and also available through the Zotero cloud.

  • Local storage is much cheaper than cloud storage.
  • @soydominique: Technically, if your files have been uploaded, you can switch to download files "as needed" in the sync preferences and then delete the local attached files on your hard drive (not in Zotero itself). I wouldn't really recommend doing that at the moment, though, because it's a bit hard to do properly and safely by hand. We're planning to add some features in a future version to let you manage how much disk space Zotero uses locally for files when you're using the "as needed" file syncing mode.
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