zotero lost almost all pictures in my collections。

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Last night,my network disconnected,

And I open Zotero to see some of my collections,I found that almost all pictures in my collections were lost,

And today my network restored ,and I open Zotero and found all those lost pictures are restored too!

I think this problem is related to network conditions,zotero didn't store all pictures locally,and I am not sure Zotero store all pictures in syncing sever。

Is Zotero never saving any pictures locally?and every time I open my collections,zotero has to retrieve these pictures from websites?

If this is true,this is very unsettling!

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    I'm not quite sure what you mean here. What do you mean by "pictures"? Do you mean items? Or do you actually mean images? And if the latter, where exactly in Zotero are you talking about?
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    I actually mean images, sorry about my poor english.

    I copied many webpages and paste them into notes. And almost every webpage has images on it,

    If network disconnected, all these images can't display, and that is a disaster !

    That means if those webpages were deleted online, I will never see this images in notes i have collected,

    very sad about this.

  • I'm afraid images in notes aren't supported, and it's only possible to drag them into notes due to complicated technical and historical reasons.

    As it is, there are a couple different ways they can end up in the note. One way would embed the full data of the image in the note, and that would slow Zotero down and also show an error if you try to sync. Another way would cause the remote image to be linked into the note, and it sounds like that happened to you. In the latter case, if you're offline, you won't be able to view the image.

    In either case, you should instead save images to disk and add them to the parent item as an attachment.

    We're hoping to support images in notes properly in a future version, but for now we recommend avoiding them.
  • Thanks for reply,

    I hope in future zotero can store every bit of data on local hard disk, and syncing every bit of data on sever,

    I hope zotero is the best.
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