Want to Copy Just Titles from Zotero to Excel

Hi all,
I am working on a meta-analysis with many articles in Zotero. I want to copy and paste 100 article titles from a Zotero folder within our Group Library to Excel document (and have each title listed in a separate Excel cell in a vertical column).

I was able to copy and paste a very long description of each article using CSV, but I want only the title, and not all of the other information. I tried the advice on the link below. Any other advice?

Thank you in advance,

  • The CSV has the titles in a separate column (or at least it should have if Excel is behaving properly -- you may need to import it into Excel rather than opening it with Excel) and you can then just select the title column and copy that -- I'm not clear if that isn't working for you or if you consider that too many steps. It's definitely the easiest solution that doesn't require modifying javascript.
  • That worked. Now my issue is that I only want to export/important one Zotero folder with 100 articles at a time, and I want to maintain the order of those articles. When I did the export/import with the CSV, it copied all of the articles in my entire library and reordered them. Any advice?
  • You can just right-click on any collection and export but I'm afraid there is no way to keep the order (though of course you _can_ sort by any column in excel so should be able to _replicate_ the order there)
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