Activating 'p.' locator


I build a style based on Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note).
Everything is fine, except for the symbol 'p.' to indicate page.

By default, Chicago seems not to display 'p.', neither in footnotes nor in the bibliography, but it displays 'chap.', 'sect.', etc. in footnotes, which is fine.

I'd like to display 'p.' as well in footnotes and 'p.' in bibliograpy.

I tried many kind of modifications to my csl sytle, but to no avail.

Can you give me an indication what to modify in Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (note) ?


François Maurice
  • The relevant code is here:

    Essentially you can remove the entire conditionsl that starts with if locator="page" match="none", keep the part that's currently "if" and remove everything that's "else".
  • Thanks,

    It works for references in footnotes, but not for references in bibliography. Examples for a journal article and a book chapter:

    Bunge, 1960, « Levels : A Semantical Preliminary », The Review of Metaphysics, 13 (3), 396‑406.

    Bunge M., 1959, « Do the Levels of Science Reflect the Levels of Being? », in Bunge M., Metascientific Queries, Springfield, Charles C. Thomas, 108‑23.

    I'd like to get "p. 396-406" and "p. 108-23" for the article and chapter respectively.


    François Maurice
  • Essentially you want to find every instance of
    <text variable="page"/>

    and change it to
    <group delimiter=" ">
    <label variable="page" form="short"/>
    <text variable="page"/>
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