Not exporting new Better BibTex entries

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I've used Zotero for a year together with LaTeX, to automatically compile my bibliography. It always worked, but now I haven't used it for around 3 months and it has stopped exporting the papers I add to Zotero to Better BibTex. I've tried to export the library and do an automatic export manually, but it still doesn't work. In LaTeX I get the message " `citation Yalcin 2017b ' is not defined" and ``I didn't find a database entry for "Yalcin2007b". Now an exclamation point has also appeared next to the green arrow, giving this error message: "Group with libraryID 1 does not exist".
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  • I have this code in my TeX file in order to get the bibliography automatically exported:
    \bibliographystyle{C:/texmf/bibtex/bst/Analysis} %%bib style found in bst folder, in bibtex folder, in texmf folder.
    \setlength{\bibsep}{0.5pt} %%Changes spacing between bib entries
    \bibliography{C:/texmf/bibtex/bib/Zotero} %%bib database found in bib folder, in bibtex folder

    I realised now that the problem is that TeX Bibliography document I've called "Zotero" hasn't been updated through Zotero since a month ago. What I need to know, then, is how to make Zotero automatically update this document again?
  • If it's a problem with Better BibTeX, can you open an issue on ?
  • Wait, you mean an exclamation mark next to the circular green sync arrow? That's not BBT. I don't think Group with libraryID 1 does not exist comes from BBT.
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    Yes, I mean the exclamation mark next to the circular green sync arrow
  • BBT is not involved with sync, but you could try uninstalling your extensions to make sure it's not one of them (such as BBT) which interferes with Zotero's functioning.
  • @emilianoeheyns uninstalling BBT and instaling it again worked, thank you so much!
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    I'm happy that this has helped you, but I have no idea why it helped. A re-install shouldn't have helped, really. BBT doesn't remove data when it is uninstalled so if uninstalling helped, the problem can only have been the bare fact it was installed, and the problem should have re-appeared after re-install. Unless you were on a very old version of BBT and you reinstalled the newest.

    If the problem re-emerges, please let me know. I really don't want BBT to be a problem for general use of Zotero.
  • When I reinstalled it, I also exported the entire library and saved it in the directory I use to create my bibliography, clicking on "Keep Updated". Now whenever I save new papers they get automatically exported to this document (which wasn't happening to the one I previously had, which I still don't know why). Thanks again!
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