Improve support of Scopus references

I am very thankful to you guys for creation of an incredible tool for references import from the Scopus database to Zotero and further to a BibTeX file. It really helps a lot to manage references for my research articles!

There is one more thing which can be improved in Scopus support. Quite often there are references in a Scopus publication which are not in their database. However, one can select them and then export as a bib-file or in other formats. Every time I want to add such reference to my collection, I need firstly to export it as a bib-file to my hard disk and then to import it to Zotero (...and then to export together with other references as a bib-file in order to update my article bibliography). As you can see, there is a lot of import/export, which can be hopefully reduced.

1. To start with, one could add an import of bib-file being saved by Firefox. It would remove one operation from the chain.

2. I doubt that it is possible to process reference list of a Scopus publication, but if it IS possible, then it will be a greatest improvement which I could wish.

3. And finally, I hope that one day LyX editor will work with my references database located on Zotero web-server. Science fiction? ;)
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