Extract the papers from the RSS reader web

Can I extract the papers from the RSS reader web, e.g. Inoreader, with some settings? I have stared many articles in RSS reader and I want to extract them in a time by Zotero Connector. Is there any way to achieve it?
  • If you have a paid version of Inoreader, you can create an "outgoing" RSS feed related to your "starred items" folder (go to your folders and tags settings). This allows you to connect this feed to Zotero. But it will only work for the next starred articles. If you want to recover old starred articles, you'll need to do it manually. Create a tag in Inoreader (for example "Zotero"), activate the RSS export in Inoreader's settings for this tag and connect it to Zotero. Tag article for example 10 per 10. Each 10, go to Zotero to refresh the RSS feed.
  • You might consider using Zotero‚Äôs native feed reader feature: http://Zotero.org/support/feeds
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    Thanks for your suggesions. I know this method, but I'm not a paying user.
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    I have tried it, but it is so native that I don't want to use it at long-term.
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