How do I rejoin a group that I am the owner of that I accidentally deleted online?

I was trying to delete an old group and group library that i no longer use and I accidentally removed myself and the group library from the group library that we are using. I am the owner of both libraries. I still have the latest group library on my computer.

How do I restore myself and the other members to the online group?
How do I restore the group library?

I turned off syncing as soon as I noticed that the group group had been deleted.

  • If you deleted the group, there's no way to restore it. The best you can do, if you haven't synced and still have the group locally, is to export the library as Zotero RDF with files and then import that into a new group library.
  • Hi
    When I try to import my local copy of the Zotero RDF with files, the import stops after it imports 395 of the 544 items. I tried re-doing it 3 times with the same result. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for an import that stalls?
  • Here is the Debug ID -- 1932174473
  • That's a Report ID, not a Debug ID.
  • Debug ID D1875875467
  • program kept freezing when trying to create debug
    here is a second Debug ID is D1319139300
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    Start by disabling ZotFile. At least one of the errors you're getting is from ZotFile.
  • ok thanks i have disabled it and am now trying to import it again
  • We'd want to see another Debug ID for that if it still fails (which it may). No need to restart it — if it's already running, you can just start debug logging now.
  • im not able to create another debug report. program just freezes and then doesnt respond.
  • Does it always stop at the same point?
  • If you don't mind, could zip the .rdf file itself (not the 'files' subdirectory) and email it with a link to this thread? We can see if there's some reproducible problem with it.
  • If you move the 'files' subdirectory out of the way, or copy the RDF to a new temporary directory on its own, are you able to import just the data without the files?

    (You should delete the items from all failed attempts and then empty the trash.)
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