Zotero Recommendations provided from the community pool of reference that which Users Provide

I love Zotero. When I started my PhD it was a no contest between something open source (built atop a Mozilla engine no less!) and the proprieatry stuff the Uni offered.

In a few years time I can see myself being that guy evangelizing this, turning the ears red of whoever will hear me out.

My question is - are there efforts active within Zotero to do thing with the way that people categorise their citation clippings? I have an exteremely shallow understanding of data science so if any reading does and cares to nonsense this idea jump right on it.

ALA Twitter (and to an extent, the way that the Spotify discovery weekly playlist works), I'd love to gain recommendations of books/articles to read based on the categories that people have grouped them under in their zotero libraries. I would extremely value being able to find adjacenet and recommended articles complementary to an article I am currently reading. I figured that the 'lists' that Zotero users makes is a layer of potentially complementary literature that might not be surfaces in the articles bibliography or in reviews around it.

I wanted to know whether the above feature is eventually possible (setting aside its desirability, I know maybe this isn't a good idea) in Zotero? Does anywhere in the zotero synced collection data have a way of inferring these connections.
I think this is a feature to evangelize about Zotero's potential and its one that we should keep **within** the open source community if possible. The hell with Elsevier or one of the other citation management companies stealing a march on this.
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