BibTeX import trouble

I have got a trouble while importing a bib-file to Zotero 2.0b6 on Firefox 3.0.11. I was playing with Firefox action on opening bib-files from web pages hoping that Zotero catches them and automatically import. However, it is not a case.
Moreover, Zotero has stopped to import bib-files from my hard disk -- after import progress window shows up, a standard dialog appears asking to save(!) bib-file or to open it by a program. The progress window is hanging forever, so I need to restart Firefox to close it.

I have tried to reinstall Zotero, but it didn't help. I guess it is a problem of Firefox reaction on bib-files -- after I have tried to open a bib-file from the web by Firefox instead of saving it to hard disk, a Zotero setting has been removed. Now I have no idea how I can find the setting to fix it.

May be you can help me?
  • This is a known issue, with a workaround:
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