Zotero not syncing to new desktop

Hi all

I have previously only used Zotero on my laptop (MacBook Air, 2015 ish) and am trying to sync the library to a new Mac desktop. I have followed all the steps (signed in, my full library is visible on Zotero.org through my account, using same username on both computers, both computers have "my library" checked and auto syncing enabled.) And yet...nothing appears in My Library on the new computer. What's my next step?

the debug output codes from the laptop say "javascript error, connection to wss://stream.zotero.org has terminated unexpectedly. Some data may have been transferred."

from the desktop, the code says Javascript Error, "Websocket connection closed: 4409 no matching subscription."

I can't copy and paste the codes, either.

Any advice much appreciated.
  • I'm not sure I understand whether you've tried to submit the debug output for a sync attempt from your desktop? We'd need the corresponding Debug Id posted here.
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