APA style 6th

I use zotero APA style 6th to write papers, but the references are not correct shown with the APA style. What is the problem? It shows like:

Deakin, M. (2014). Smart cities: The state-of-the-art and governance challenge. Triple Helix, 1(1), 7.

But actually it is not right. So how can I fix it?
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    Triple Helix is a journal with one issue per volume and without pagination (each article is assigned an item number --not a page range -- within each issue).

    Are you asking about the inclusion of the issue number within the citation or something else?
  • Other than you are missing the item’s DOI in your library (you should add it: 10.1186/s40604-014-0007-9), this looks like correct APA style. The journal only publishes one issue per volume, so you could delete the issue number if you like (though Springer, unlike Elsevier, still refers to these as “issue 1” for each volume; it wouldn’t be incorrect to leave it in).

    The rule on including issue numbers sometimes but not others is an extremely inconsistent rule of APA style that they have abandoned for the upcoming APA 7th edition.
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