adding citations from a USDA database called PubAg

edited August 30, 2019
PubAg is a database (like PubMed) but it is for Agricultural Services. We try to add citations from PubAg to Zotero. As you know PubAg like PubMed has its own IDs that is called AgID. I was wondering how I can have AgID's in Zotero for PubAg?
Currently it pulls it in to Loc. in Archive field with no PubAg indication. and then When we export it to bibtex it is getting lost.
Could you please help us in this regard?
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.
  • I've just tried importing using the standard Zotero button and that puts in the "Library Catalog" field; it didn't save anything in the "Loc. in Archive" field.

    If I click the "Export to Zotero" link, I get a number in "Loc. in Archive", and PubAg in the "Archive" field.

    If the latter works for you, and all you care about is bibtex export, then you could use a BBT postscript to detect the PubAg in the "Archive" field and add it anywhere you like in the exported bibtex.
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