Finding unindexed items on Zotero for Mac

Hello all,

I am looking to find out if it is possible to locate items in my library which have not been indexed? I am showing 49 unindexed items and I would like to find out which items those are. Is this possible?
  • My version has also on Mac has a smart folder that shows un-indexed items. I think this comes with the standard installation
  • I see an unfiled items folder but not an unindex folder. Is this what you are referring to, possibly?
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    No mine definately has a 'non-indexed' smart folder. If it helps I checked the smart search criteria and it says

    attachement does not contain . (< this is a full stop)
    attachement is a PDF

    Thinking about it, it's not impossible I put it there when I was trying to track down if non-indexed items were slowing my citation work down (they weren't). I don't remember doing it, but that's doesn't mean anything...
  • Yes, that's a custom folder. Note that for the above to walk 100% reliably, you need to select "regex" using the tiny arrow to the left of the full stop.
  • I have done this same search based on existing discussion entries but I still don't show any unindexed items in that folder, depsite the "search preferences dialog" showing 49 unindexed items.
  • My search preferences dialog showing unindexed items:

    My advanced search saved query (regex option selected):

    Empty saved search folder:
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