The basics - I can't find zotero on Word

I downloaded zotero on my computer, and I thought the plugin for word installs automatically, but I can't find zotero or "add citation" in word. I tried shutting it down and restarting - no luck. What am I missing?
  • What operating system (Mac or Windows) and version of Word are you using ?
  • Sorry to piggy back, but I am in the same place, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Zotero, and rebooted each time. I have followed the advice but I can't even find the specified file in the Zotero folder to copy across.
  • Same questions as above
  • Microsoft office 365 pro plus and Microsoft word 2016
  • Same, office 365 pro plus.
  • Thanks, I've already followed all the troubleshooting tips. They do not cover this.
  • Yes, they do. Are you on Windows or Mac? What exactly have you tried?
  • I'm on Windows.

    I've checked that the Word add-in is installed in Zotero preferences. I've gone to the Customise Ribbon in Word, but the Zotero add in is not available. I went to do the manual installation, but the Zotero.dotm file is not in the Zotero folder, as I stated in my original post. There is no guidance for this in the troubleshooting tips, as I said in my other post.
  • Yes, this is covered:
    If the folder is empty, the file was somehow deleted — possibly by security software — and you should reinstall Zotero.
  • I have uninstalled it, and reinstalled it (rebooting the laptop each time)mand the folder is not there.
  • The folder is not there or the file is not there?
  • The file is not there.
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    If you’re looking in the right folder — if you tell us exactly how you’re getting to it we can confirm that — and the file isn’t there immediately after installation, then either the file is hidden somehow or security software on your system is deleting or moving it immediately. (Probably the latter, or else the automatic installation would work.) The file is bundled with Zotero in the folder mentioned in the documentation, so I’m afraid there’s really nothing else we can tell you. You’ll need to debug this on your system, possibly by temporarily disabling your security software or (if this is a work computer) talking to your IT department.
  • I've searched my computer for the file, and it doesn't find anything. So I guess I need to try and debug it. So annoying, it worked before, and I'm starting my dissertation, and really need this to work!

    Thanks for your help.
  • It likely won't solve the problem, but FWIW, the Zotero .dotm file can also be downloaded from the code reposistory:
    So you could try if doing that and placing it into the Word startup folder will work, but I'd suspect that dstillman is right and that other issues preventing this from working properly.
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