Space following colon removed in all author-date in-line citation formats?

I have a formatting issue that I hope someone can help me solve!

Namely, all author-date in-line citation formats that use a colon in the format, i.e. they should appear (Author Date: Page), when I cite as I write in Word 2016 are now producing (Author Date:Page) . In other words the required space following the colon is missing/being removed. For example, what should appear as

(Manning 1993: 38)

is appearing as

(Manning 1993:38)

I tested this with the Taylor and Francis Author-Date, American Anthropological Association (I know they've changed their format to using a comma, but a bunch of the archaeological journals haven't!), American Sociological Association, etc.

I checked the style definitions in the .csl files, and all still list the format as prefix=": "

Curiously this does NOT happen with author-date citation formats that use commas. Those still generate the appropriate space between the punctuation and page numbers, i.e. Chicago Manual of Style (Manning 1993, 38) or APA (Manning 1993, p. 38).

Ayn help much appreciated!

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