Feature Request - Links to library items in a note

I use notes a lot :)

I'd would like to reference library items, labels, collections, other notes, etc. using some form of link inside a note.

I'm thinking of something like what gitlab and other platforms have when editing text. for example:

@ to tag users
# to reference other issues

Links like these are "internal".

¿Does someone know if this can be implemented somehow in the notes text editor?

I have some (very basic) JS experience, and would be willing to contribute with some guidance.

  • You might consider the Related Items feature to connect an item or note to another item.

    To get a link like that, I nstall the Zutilo plugin. This will add an option to the right click menu to “Copy Zotero Select link”. That link will select the item in your Zotero library.

  • I've installed the plugin and it seems to work fine!

    However, I'm only able to relate items already sharing a collection (because they must both be selected to use the context menu, they must both be visible afaik).

    If they share a collection, they are already sort of related, more or less explicitly.

    The main issue is that i cannot say "how" they are related, or relate items from other collections easily.

    Perhaps I'll come back and have a better look at this when I have more time.

    Thank you
  • All items are listed in "My Library"
  • edited September 6, 2019
    Hi, i imagine your suggestion is that i select items from "My Library" and relate them.

    My library has over 700 items. I've tried using the search bar after selecting the note, but that de-selects the initial selection.

    This is rather impractical, and the effort defeats the purpose. Instead I can go on writing "williams 2007 is a related paper" in my note, which requires less time, but fails to [hyper]link the reference.

    I thank you for the suggestion, but it does not seem to work.
  • You can just sort the items list by Title or Creator and quickly scroll to the second item.
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