Chicago 17th style and "Place" and "Meeting Name" fields

edited August 26, 2019
When I go to cite a presentation in Chicago 17 (full-note version), it leaves out the place and meeting name fields in the footnote. I don't have the style manual to reference, but it seems that those should be included. Do you know if this is correct, and if that is the case, how I can go about ensuring that those fields are included?
  • How are you entering presentations in Zotero? Can you export an item that doesn’t show correctly as CSL-JSON and then paste the code here, wrapping it in <code> </code> tags?
  • I just type the information for the place and meeting name into the boxes provided for them under the item type "Presentation" (in the app that's on my PC), but they don't appear in the footnotes when I add the citation to my document. And, I'm sorry, but I don't know what any of the terms in your last question mean. How do I do that?
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