Zotero wants to merge two items that are not identical

I have added an edited book, published in two separate volumes. It have two be two separate items in Zotero because each volume holds separate contributions by a variety of authors. Each volume's title consists of three parts, the first part is identical, then it says "volume 1" for the first, and "volume 2" for the second. The third part of the title is not identical. The ISBN is identical but I have added "/ volume 1" and "/ volume 2". The series title and number is identical, but I have changed the number into "4 [–1]" and "4 [–2]". The number of pages is not identical. Still Zotero wants to merge these items. Why is that? Would it be possible to add an option "do not merge"? Thanks, Paul
  • "Wants to merge" is a bit of a misnomer. Zotero identifies them as potential duplicates and offers you to merge them.

    An option to identify items as "not duplicate" is generally planned but turned up some thorny issues in the details, so itäs not yet implemented.
  • I'd welcome a "not-a-duplicate" option very much, since over the years quite a number of references have been added up in my "duplicates" collection which happen to have the same title or are in some other way no duplicate. I always have to spot the "real" duplicates within them, so it would be marvelous if I could remove the false positives from the list.
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