Problem with ris files from ACS Scifinder Scholar

Recently I came across a number of problems in some of my bibliographies.
In some references the which should feature authors in away such as M. Musterman for Max Musterman I find "Max. Musterman" (exclusively for the last author!).
The reason for this I find in the bibliographic entries which feature "Max." as first name instead of "Max".
The origin of this unwanted period attached to the last author's first name comes from imported ris files generated by ACS Scifinder Scholar.
In these files the author section looks like
AU - Neufellner, Erwin
AU - Kapeller, Herwig
AU - Griengl, Herfried.
I realize that this is a problem that ACS should fix but for me it means that I have a fairly large number of entries with this problem.
Is there a simple way to correct this in a batch like way so that I can avoid going over all my entries (close to 12.000) to check. If possible I would really like to avoid this.
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