Edited the File Title of the Attachment but Reverts to Original State once I close Zotero

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New Zotero user here. I am working on a group library (I am not the admin) and I tried to edit the file title of the attachment (pdf file). It gets changed just fine but whenever I close the Zotero window, the changed file title reverts back to the original one.

Any recommendations?

The original file title is:

Smith and Jones - 2010 - Understanding Nutrition

and I want it changed to:

Smith & Jones (2010) - Understanding Nutrition

And I want it to the stay that way even if I close and reopen Zotero.

Thank you very much!
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for changing it?
  • Thank you. I hope this is the right Debug ID for this concern.

  • edited 29 days ago
    You don't have file editing privileges for that library — only admins do. It's a bug that it gives you the option of trying to modify the filename at all. We'll fix that.
  • Thanks. Does the admin of the group library need to change settings so I have more file editing privileges and modify the filename?
  • @regarnd: They would need to either give file editing privileges to all members or make you an admin.
  • Thank you! This has been solved. Admin changed the settings.
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