Moving an Existing Attachment (Standalone) under an Item Type


This is my first time using Zotero. I am currently working on a shared library and I am not the admin. I have several stand alone attachments (pdfs, not under any item type) and I have been figuring out for the past 2 hours how to put these standalone attachments to an item type. I tried dragging the standalone attachment to the newly-created item type but it doesn't transfer there. I tried doing a long-cut method wherein I downloaded the pdf and then tried attaching it to the item type to no avail (error says: "You cannot add to this collection."

Any tips? Thank you very much! Any recommendation will greatly help.
  • The first method works in general but it sounds like the group library you're working with doesn't allow file sharing or you don't have the required rights in the group. Talk to the group owner (the relevant settings are under group settings here on the website but can only be changed by the owner)
  • Thank you. This has been solved.

    It's now working after the admin changed the settings.

    Thank you again!
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