Can't search for non-English language citations in Word plugin

Hi all,

I'm working with a faculty member who researches in Japanese, and we've been unable to find a solution to this so far. While the main Zotero program allows her to store and search through citations in Japanese, when we try the Add/Edit citation function in Word (using the Zotero plugin), it will not "find" any citations that we search for in Japanese. We can find citations if they have Roman characters in them, but not if it's Kanji.

We've tried changing the Language in Document Preferences, but it doesn't help. Are there other settings I should look at? We want to be able to pull up the relevant record by searching in Japanese, using the Word plugin function.

She's using the latest version of Zotero (5.0) on a Mac OS.

Please let me know what other details I can provide!

  • If you copy something from the title and paste it into the citation bar instead of retyping, does that work?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for this not working?
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