displaying search result in long list of attachments

hello, is there a possibility to highlight search results more clearly, for example with a colour? I often have search results in items with many attachments (up to some hundred for one item). I find it visually difficult to find them when they are only marked by a bolder police.
  • That's not currently possible. Having items with many attachments is quite rare, but one thing that has been requested before is hiding non-matching child items from the results. We wouldn't do that by default, but we could potentially add that as an option in the new View menu, which will be available in the next version. I don't know if you'd consider that a desirable solution. (You'd still be able to get back to the full view with non-matching siblings by clearing the search with one of the matching child items selected.)
  • I am astonished that this should be rare. taking pictures of archive material seems to be a common practice to me, and zotero is very practical for annotation of the individual documents of an archive folder. anyway, hiding the non-matching child items is an excellent alternative, yes!
    btw, in the same context, opening one child item after the other is rather time consuming when there are many. I suppose that it ist not possible to find a way go through child items like in some picture software, where you can directly switch to the next picture (or even get a preview)?
  • OK, I've created an issue to track that feature request.
    I suppose that it ist not possible to find a way go through child items like in some picture software, where you can directly switch to the next picture (or even get a preview)?
    You can select multiple attachments, right-click, and choose View File, but that might make a bit of a mess of windows. There's also a third-party plugin, ZoteroQuickLook, which can open previews.
  • You might want to check out Tropy, another app from the creators of Zotero that is specifically designed for annotating photos and scans of archival material, including a photo preview like you describe.

    In Zotero, you can also install the Zotero QuickLook plugin so that you can preview attachment files just by typing the space bar. Are you on Mac or Windows?
  • great, thanks a lot for these informations!
    I'm on Windows
  • Okay, you will want to follow these instructions for Windows. https://github.com/mronkko/ZoteroQuickLook/blob/master/README.md#installing-on-windows

    You will first need to install a third party quick look program for Windows. The first one linked on the page above works great for me.
  • hello, i managed to install quicklook. but zotero does not seem to find it in the config editor
  • Have you installed the QuickLook program for Windows? When you select an item in File Explorer (not Zotero) and type Space, does the preview window appear?
  • yes, that works fine!
  • And you have installed the Zotero QuickLook plugin in Zotero?
  • i opened the configuration editor in zotero in order to find the extension, but it was not there.
  • I’m not really following what you are saying. You shouldn’t need to do anything in the config editor at all.

    It sounds like you haven’t installed the Zotero QuickLook plugin. This is different from the General QuickLook program for Windows.

    Download the .xpi file for the plugin from here:


    Then, in Zotero, click Tools -> Add-ons, and then drag the .xpi file onto the window that pops up.
  • firefox refuses to download add-on from github.com, this seeming to be damaged
  • If you're using Firefox, you need to save the XPI to disk first (since otherwise Firefox will try to install it itself).
  • That is, right-click on the link and choose Download Linked File As
  • ok, and then?
  • if i double-click on it, explorer asks with which app it should be opened.
    perhaps it is easier with chrome?
  • The necessary sequence of steps is:

    1. Right click on this link here: https://github.com/mronkko/ZoteroQuickLook/releases/download/v1.3.3/zoteroquicklook.xpi
    2. Choose Save Link As…
    3. Save the file somewhere on your computer.
    4. In Zotero, click Tools -> Add-ons.
    5. From wherever you saved the .xpi file on your computer, drag the .xpi file to the Add-ons window that pops up.
    6. Restart Zotero.

    Don't just click on the link. Don't double-click on the xpi file or try to open it.
  • ok, thank you, now it works!
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