What is the 'rights' section for under info in the right-hand pane

Just wondering what happens with the 'rights' area of metadata. does this mean copyright coverage or something else? What automatically pops up there?
  • To the extent that it automatically gets populated, it contains copyright or licensing information for the resource.
    It's not used for anything (e.g. won't appear in citation styles), though, so it's purely for the user's own records.
  • thankyou! what are the instances in that it automatically gets populated? Or will that section be have to be inserted manually by the user?
  • It just depends on the site you're importing from -- in some cases Zotero grabs that information. I think e.g. when importing from the Wikimedia Commons, but also in the case of some commercial publishers. Looking at my library, I'm seeing e.g. Wiley, Springer, Nature, Washington Post (copyright statements) as well as github and a couple of blogs with good metadata (license)
  • Some government document databases, like DTIC, will populate the classification level in this field (e.g., for public release, declassified, etc.).
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