zotero from windows to linux problem

hello every one

I have used Zotero in windows for a long time.
I use to link to my files and I used the base directory option
but now I am migrating to Linux.

unfortunately, the base directory option does not work

for example in windows, my base directory is "Z:\H\research"
but in Linux when I try to select a base directory, an exception occurs with the following message:

Possibly unhandled rejection:

Unexpected value 'Z:\H\research'

Error: Unexpected value 'Z:\H\research'
From previous event:
  • Linux uses “/“ not “\” to separate directories in file paths.

    You should try, “/Z/H/Research”

    But you should check your path carefully. A more common path would be “~/H/Research”
  • Thx for your response.
    I do know the difference in file path separator between Windows and Linux.
    I think the problem is that it try to reopen the base directory specified using Windows style in Linux
  • How are you ending up with anything like 'Z:\H\research' on Linux? That wouldn't happen in normal usage. Did you copy your Zotero profile directory to Linux?
  • We can make it clear the pref if it's invalid, but you're not really expected to directly transfer prefs between platforms. You can likely delete the 'baseAttachmentPath' line from prefs.js with Zotero closed to get around this.
  • thanks for your response

    I changed the base directory in prefs.js as you explained, and it did work for a moment (i open a linked file ). However, the problem occurs again (the same file I opened before can't be found).
    I do have better-bibtex and zutilo add-on installed.
    I tried to run with --safe-mode but with no luck.
  • It will work as long as the base directory is set properly on both computers and you've synced both since setting it.

    If the base directory wasn't set properly on another computer, the files added on that computer will still be set to absolute paths and won't work here, no matter what you set the base directory to.

    You can use Zutilo to manually inspect the path and make modifications, but the base directory setting will certainly work when used correctly.
  • Dear dstillman:

    I still believe that there is some kind of bug here, and this is why.

    1- the field in the database that contains the information about the link contains information of this style. "attachments:" plus the rest of the relatif path to the file
    2- before I start Zotero, I made the changes as you suggested before
    3- when I start Zotero as I said before the linked files are founded however after a moment or after restarting Zotero the problem occurs.

    4- when I check back the field in the database I found that the information has changed from the style "attachments:" to an absolute path but it corresponds to the windows drive style (H:/xxx) with slashes.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID that shows this happening?
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