compatibility with Office 365

I just started using Zotero. it was fine for a week then wouldn't link (no ribbon at top of Word document). Our ICT tech person told me after an hour and many phone calls that it is not compatible with Office 365. Anyone know differently?
  • Zotero is fully compatible with Office 365. Try reinstalling the plugin from Zotero Preferences -> Cite -> Word Processors. If that doesn't help try the manual installation steps
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    (If it works again then stops working again, I'd suspect that Word may be resetting every week or so, since you mentioned contacting the IT department, if these are company/university/etc. computers with restrictions on installations. If this is your personal computer, ignore my comment. If the problem is resetting, then the good news is that maybe all you need to do it reinstall the plugin as adomasven described, every time this happens, but it's very fast to do that once you have identified that problem. Or of course ask IT to change this for you so it doesn't keep resetting.)
  • thanks so much! @djross3 you are correct it is a university computer so might be resetting. I've advised our ICT helpdesk that in fact it IS compatible so now we must figure out what next step is.
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