Backing up tags

I was wondering whether, in case of a PC crash, the backups made by Zotero automatically would also enable me to recover my tags, the organisation of which has taken me considerable effort. Thanks!
  • Both they synced database and the backup of the local database contain tags and collections, yes. Note that you should not be relying exclusively on sync for back-up. You should have an additional local back up of your Zotero database:
  • Thanks ! I am indeed using local backups for my PDFs (namely, backing up the Storage folder), and relying on Sync for the tags, as I did not find a way to back up tags/collections manually. Perhaps Time Machine could do that on a Mac - I am using Windows...
  • Just back up the whole Zotero data folder, including ‘storage’ and all of the other folders and files in the Zotero folder.
  • Will do, thanks!
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