Order bibliography by "pages" in a journal issue

My task is to extract articles' cites and abstract within a journal issue, and doing so in the order the articles appear in the issue.

I figured out how to add the abstract in the style editor but don't know how to order them by "Pages". Default bibliography generation orders by authors' last name. I know it is weird that we order by pages, but can anyone please help?
  • Are you trying to replicate a table of contents [with abstracts] for each issue of a journal?
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    Click on "Sort" under bibliography, then the + at the top left --> Sort key
    Then select "Variable" (the default) and "page".
    Then, on the left, drag&drop that entry to the top of the list.

    Or, in code

    <key variable="page"/>

  • The code works. Thank you adamsmith!

    @DWL-SDCA: sort of what I am being asked to do. My current workflow is to save each issue in a collection, generate bibliography and copy them to Word. I'd appreciate if you have any way to improve this.
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