Egan and Shera, «Foundations of a Theory of Bibliography»

hi developers of Zotero!
while re-studying and browsing the famous article of Egan and Shera i was thinking that when an author allows public read-only access to her/his bibliography, there the concept of bibliography according to Egan and Shera is actualized:
"there must be appropriate bibliographic communication 1) within each group, 2) among the several groups of scholar-specialists, and 3) between groups at the scholarly level and the various groups of practitioners, operators, educators, and lay public. Only thus can the results of scholarship be made socially useful, and only to the extent that social utility can be established can we justify the increasing social and economic costs of scholarly investigation and research"
did perhaps anyone of you have this in mind when designing the structure of the 'cloud part' of zotero?
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