"Conference Name" field is not included in citation anymore

Report ID: 1957799321

Zotero Version 5.0.73 for Mac

In the Bibliography, the conference name of existing entries is not included. When exported to BibTeX, the "Conference Name" field is not exported.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to this website: http://www.scitepress.org/PublicationsDetail.aspx?ID=nmAI331Swb0=&t=1
2. Using the Zotero Plugin for Safari, import the reference to Zotero
3. Open Zotero and verify that the reference has been imported with a correctly filled "Conference Name" field
4. Generate a bibliography from this reference. Right klick, select "create bibliography from item" using style American Anthropological Association => The conference name is missing.
5. Export this reference to BibTeX. Right klick, select "export item".
6. Open the exported BibTeX file => the filed "Conference Name" is missing.

Please fix this.
  • Conference Paper is used for papers that are published in conference proceedings volumes, not presentations that were only made at a conference but not published (use Presentation for those). These are cited in most styles using the Proceedings Title field, not the Conference Name field.

    The problem with the item you linked to is that the site isn't providing very good metadata. You should add "Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Data Science, Technology and Applications" to the Proceedings Title field and "1: DATA" to the Volume field. You should also add "10.5220/0006847000350046" to the DOI field. Alternatively, you can save this item using the DOI translator by click-and-holding on the Save to Zotero button and choose (DOI) as the translator instead. This will give much better metadata than is given on the site.

    With the above in mind, the American Anthropological Association is correct in not printing the conference name for Conference Paper; the Proceedings Title is used instead for this type. If you import the item with better metadata as described above, you will see the Proceedings Title correctly included.

    Similarly, the BibTeX format does not use 'eventtitle' with the item type 'inproceedings'. If you import the item with better metadata as described above, you will see that 'booktitle' is properly filled with the Proceedings title. You could also switch to using BibLaTeX instead of BibTeX, which will include the Conference Name in 'eventtitle', as this is supported more generally in BibLaTeX. If you install the Better BibTeX plugin, its "Better BibTeX" export translator will also more flexibly include Conference Name in the 'booktitle' field for 'inproceedings' items. But, really, you are best off by importing better metadata or cleaning up the data after import.
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